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Small Animals

Natural Play-n-chew Cubby NestProvides your pet with a hideout chew toy and play toy all in one.Made from natural sisal material and includes attached wooden chews and a hanging sisal ball for playing.Wood and sisal material are excellent chewing materials and promote good dental health in small ani..
$40.03 Ex Tax:$40.03
Model: IDXBCqgeoX
Crittertrail Fun-nel Tube DisplayConnectable accessory used to expand any crittertrail habitat or accessory.Ideal for hamsters gerbils and mice...
$60.32 Ex Tax:$60.32
Model: IDXBCuNgaa
Crittertrail Quick Clean HabitatIncludes the bedding tray disposable cartridge making clean up quick and easy.Habitat features: narrow wire spacing and a spring-locked door for added safety & security.Habitat includes: bedding tray expansion ports exercise wheel side mount water bottle and food dish..
$67.48 Ex Tax:$67.48
Model: IDXBCtRWl9
Kaytee Crittertrail Wide TubeConnects to Crittertrail habitats and accessoriesExtra wide for large breedsFlip open access door with locking latches..
$46.73 Ex Tax:$46.73
Model: IDXBC277248
KAYTEE CRITTERTRAIL LED COLOR ADD-ON LIGHT KIT5 color settings Pink Purple Green Yellow and Nocturnal RedLED light kit to illuminate small animal habitatsAttach to the outside of the crittertrail or critter house habitat for illuminating light anytimeUPC : 045125606959Product Type : Small Animal-enc..
$40.68 Ex Tax:$40.68
Model: IDXBCm64EP
Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat With HerbsSpecially formulated treat containing a unique blend of dried herbsContains no meat or animal by-products - 100% vegetable formulationA great boredom buster for chickens in coops..
$55.37 Ex Tax:$55.37
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