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2 Piece Iron-on Fluorescent Reflective Strips

2 Piece Iron-on Fluorescent Reflective Strips
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These brightly colored reflective strips apply quickly with your iron for extra visibility and safety.Appx.2" x 18"; bright yellow color.Remember to not directly apply the iron onto the plastic.Please place cloth in between and then use the iron on the cloth.The "glue" substance on the back of the reflective strip will melt and stick to the cloth.
  • can be ironed on shirts, jackets, hats or back packs - for when you're out walking in the dark!
  • neon yellow color that is naturally bright but shines bright when light strikes on it
  • strips are 18-inches long - 2 inches wide - buy multiple to line across all articles and objects
  • has a unique and modern looking square texture which gives a feeling of depth when reflected upon
  • great item for running, biking, jogging, walking the dog, hiking where light is low or dim
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