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Model: IDXBC066235
CADET COW EARS NATURAL TREATApproximately 5 x 5 x .5 inches.100% naturally smoked.Slow roasted to enhance color and flavor.Tasty long lasting chew with quality flavor.UPC : 768303006111Case of 50Product Type : Dog-treats / Rawhide/ Body Parts..
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Model: IDXBC555759
GARDEN DEFENSE ACTION OWLUses a wind-activated spinning and bobbing head to frighten away garden pestsChemical free pest controlUPC : 038398080113Product Type : Lawn & Garden-fencing Edging & Protection / Plant Protection..
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Jolly Tug Ball Dog ToyDurable patented squeaking assembly makes this ball one of a kind.It squeaks when both handles are tugged.Perfect for multi-dog use and interactive play...
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Neigh-lox Digestive Supplement For HorsesFor all classes of horses to maintain normal digestive functionContains coating agents that quickly neutralize excess gastric secretionsReduces the stomach discomfort often experienced by stressed horsesFor horses of all agesWill not interfere with the purpor..
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Model: IDXBCZOhju
Mealworm MunchiesPoultry TreatDehydrated Insects For Feeding To Poultry..
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Positive Pellet Medicated Goat DewormerSafely fed to all classes of goats including meat & dairy goatsComplete balanced feedSource of essential vitamins and mineralsMinimizes the stress associated with dewormingMade in the usa..
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Lexol Leather CleanerA blend of selected non-alkaline cleaning agents designed to clean leather safely and thoroughlyFoaming action penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oilsWith an easy-pour opening and convenient carry handle; use just what you need and store the rest for la..
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Model: IDXBC0sepS
Ph UpProduct raises ph level until it reaches the recommended level for the species of fish.A ph level of 7.0 neutral is recommended for community aquariums of more than one species...
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Model: IDXBC541214
AQUATIMER DIGITAL WATER TIMERAutomatically waters up to 6 times per dayHas an easy to program large lcd screenThe entire program is visible at a glanceRetains programming through battery changeHas an automatic or manual rain delayMetal coupling nut with rubberized gripUPC : 042206730152Product Type ..
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Model: IDXBC995076
AQUATIMER DIGITAL WATER TIMER PLUSAutomatically waters up to 6 times per dayHas a bypass outlet for convenient untimed useHas an easy to program large lcd screenEntire program is visible at a glanceRetains programming through battery chargeManual rain delayUPC : 042206731005Length : 8.25Width : 8.63..
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Model: IDXBC541236
METAL PULSATING SPRINKLERDurable metal headSturdy metal base resists tippingMade in the usaUPC : 042206039002Product Type : Lawn & Garden-water Products / Sprinklers And Accessories..
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Beekeeping For Dummies BookTo bee or not to bee? - understand the benefits of beekeeping and whether it's right for youBuild your first hive - gather the right equipment obtain your bees and transfer them safely to their new homeGet up-close and personal - see how to open and close hive inspect your..
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