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Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Ready To SprayContains the all-natural insecticide spinosadKills bagworms borers beetles caterpillars codling moth gypsy moth loopers leaf miners spider mitesAlso kills tent caterpillars thripsUse on fruits vegetables berries citrus grapes nuts and ornamentalsMade in the ..
$63.83 Ex Tax:$63.83
Model: IDXBC917364
MOLEMAX SONIC SPIKE MOLE & GOPHER REPELLER BATTERYBattery operated scientifically developed chatter sound technologySimulates the natural distress call that burrowing rodents use to warn of nearby predatorsPlanet friendly - safe for the environment children and petsAdvanced circuitry allows unit to ..
$38.45 Ex Tax:$38.45
Revenge Ant Killer DustIndoor/outdoor waterproof dust provides 8 month residual actionOdorless and fast actingKills all ants including fire ants termites and carpenter antsAlso provides excellent results on spiders wasps bees (including ground bees) scorpions fleas box elder bugs & roachesMade in th..
$42.50 Ex Tax:$42.50
Revenge Fly CatchersSafe nontoxic all natural and nonpollutingControls flies mechanically so they can never develop a chemical resistanceFour ribbons per box..
$120.71 Ex Tax:$120.71
Grain Cowhide Leather Driver Glove With Palm PatchGrain leather driverKeystone thumb for comfort and mobilitySplit leather palm patch..
$166.79 Ex Tax:$166.79
Model: IDXBCnblKn
Canidae All Life Stages Formula Can Dog FoodLamb for optimum proteinFormulated without carrageenanPremium ingredients for great taste..
$76.14 Ex Tax:$76.14
Model: IDXBC012293
CHUCKIT! ROPE FETCHTug and toss to playNatural rubberUPC : 029695322204Length : 4Width : 4Height : 7Shipping Dimensions: 4x4x7Product Type : Dog-toys / Rope..
$44.12 Ex Tax:$44.12
Wild Delight Inshell PeanutsPrimarily for squirrels jays wild parrots raccoons and other outdoor petsProduct free of added chemicals or preservativesMay be fed all year round..
$33.50 Ex Tax:$33.50
Model: IDXMOX802100
The Ultra Min-e 2090 No-Bark Trainer is a safe and effective tool to help eliminate any excessiveor unnecessary barking from your dog. This automatic trainer has 8 levels of intensity for sensitiveto stubborn dogs. The collar unit is waterproof.Features: Digital Technology Lightweight waterproof col..
$78.73 Ex Tax:$78.73
Model: IDXBC737vc
Floating Pond De-icerFor use in colder locations where typical winter temperatures result in significant or long-term icing of pond surfacesEnergy efficient double water-tight seal thermostatic control to reduce heating time and save electricityMade in the usa..
$96.73 Ex Tax:$96.73
Model: IDXBCV2L3t
Skimmer Pond Net With Sure Grip HandleSpecifically designed for surface skimming and delicate handling of prized koi and other specimen fishHeavy duty aluminum constructionSoft fish-safe nylon nettingSure-grip handleConvenient string loop at end of handle..
$41.02 Ex Tax:$41.02
Model: IDXBCf6cRn
Western Screw-tight Round Post InsulatorFits 1/4 to 9/16 diameter round posts and 5/8 fiberglass t postsExtends wire 1 from the postInstalls without toolsAdjustable while current energizedMade in the usa..
$42.84 Ex Tax:$42.84
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