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Squirrel Proof All Metal Feeder

Model: IDXBCJnagX
Birch Log Mixed Seed Tube FeederThick heavy wall pvc tube that looks like a real birch log bird feederLifetime warranty against squirrel damageHang or pole mountMade in the usa..
$99.72 Ex Tax:$99.72
Model: IDXBC8Dhf0
Classic Plastic Hummingbird FeederMade of durable red plastic with 6 feeding stationsBuilt-in ant guardMetal hanger included8.3Made in the usa..
$35.98 Ex Tax:$35.98
Going Green Oriole And Bluebird FeederMade of 90% recycled plasticsWon't absorb water thus feeder or house will not harbor mold or bacteria and ensures a healthier environment for birdsEasy to remove front for cleaningFully assembled and ready to useMade in the usa..
$72.61 Ex Tax:$72.61
Going Green Tail Prop Bird FeederMade of 90% recycled plasticsIncludes tail-prop to provide stability for feeding woodpeckersAttracts woodpeckers chickadees and nuthatchesWeather and crack resistantMade in the usa..
$42.73 Ex Tax:$42.73
Hanging Or Pole Mount BaffleBaffle can be hung or mounted on a pole or postCrystal clear plastic for ultimate viewingProtect feeders from squirrels..
$48.24 Ex Tax:$48.24
Model: IDXBC7glkm
Squirrel-resistant Caged Tube FeederCopper plated cage has decorative bird & leaf design around clear tube that holds bird seed2 feeding portsNo assembly required ready to hangEasy to fill and clean..
$62.03 Ex Tax:$62.03
Model: IDXBCMoblh
Vista Squirrel Proof FeederFor feeding many types of wild birds.Weather resistant large overhang on roof reduces the occurrence of wet seed.Also has a seed saver baffle eliminates wasted seed.Easy to clean. Durable chew-resistant powder coated steel bodyPost mount capable (post not included)...
$90.38 Ex Tax:$90.38
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