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Tube Type Feeder-squirrel Proof

Model: IDXBCstY52
Big Gulp Glass Hummingbird FeederWide mouth bottle is easy to fill.Base disassembles for easy cleaning.Fill ant moat built in to lid with water to keep ants out.Bring more birds and more joy to your yard...
$46.60 Ex Tax:$46.60
Diamond Glass Hummingbird FeederWide mouth design for easier filling and cleaning.Base disassembles for cleaning to reduce or eliminate spillage.Built-in ant moats on top.Beautiful glass bottle and basin design is unique to this feeder to catch the consumer's eye.Holds 30 ounces of nectar...
$44.98 Ex Tax:$44.98
Jersey Glass Hummingbird FeederHolds 18 fluid ouncesSilver finish on cap and basinBase disassembles for easy cleaning5 feeding ports..
$48.42 Ex Tax:$48.42
Model: IDXBCweEo6
Topaz Hummingbird FeederHolds 13 fluid ouncesGlass bottle and built in ant moatDecorative hanger included..
$40.48 Ex Tax:$40.48
Model: IDXBCiGNe6
Harmony Tube FeederSlide shutter down to dispense nyjer seed for finches.Wide-mouth hopper design offers easy-fill - reduces or eliminates spillage.Six feeding stations each with unique anyseed port to accommodate thistle mixed seed or sunflower seed.Allocates seed evenly to all six ports - no more ..
$51.84 Ex Tax:$51.84
Model: IDXBCi6nnU
Songbird Vintage FeederBrushed copper finish on metal top and 4 feeding portsBase is removable for easy cleaningBrushed copper finish on metal top and portsInserts convert the feeder to a finch feeder..
$171.23 Ex Tax:$171.23
Model: IDXBCQKb8d
Squirrel X-2 Squirrel Proof FeederStylish tapered design with decorative brushed copper finish and locking metal roof.Functional roof tilts when stepped on by a squirrel to close both ports.Two integrated metal perches are spring loaded to close both ports with pressure from a squirrel.Squirrels can..
$71.57 Ex Tax:$71.57
Model: IDXBCjfkpt
Squirrel X-3 Squirrel Proof Songbird FeederMetal roof locks to keep squirrels outWide opening for easy fillingConstant food at every perch..
$84.17 Ex Tax:$84.17
Model: IDXBCC6h6B
Stokes Select Lincoln Tapered Glass FeederDecorative glass feeder with metal base and easy fill topLarge basin for maximum perchingServes a variety of seed/seed mixesEasy to open fill and clean..
$117.79 Ex Tax:$117.79
Model: IDXBCj5Jz5
Surefill Metal Mixed Seed Feeder1.5 pound capacity 4 portsOne touch opening for easy fillingPorts with large perches to attract more birdsRemovable base for easy cleaning..
$67.48 Ex Tax:$67.48
Model: IDXBCWgpia
Cardinal Metal Tube Bird FeederPowder-coated finish ensures rust resistanceRemovable plastic perches and base for easy cleaningSix ports with perches accommodates multiple birdsHolds up to 1lb of mixed or black oil sunflower seed..
$76.84 Ex Tax:$76.84
Model: IDXBCo5bn2
Perky Squirrel Be Gone FeederDurable metal hangerHolds up to 3lb of mixed/sunflower seedBaffle protects from rain and squirrelsPorts slam shut with squirrel weight..
$94.97 Ex Tax:$94.97
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