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Model: doba_35344803
This is an excellent set to help you care for you furry best friend.The nail clipper has a special guard built in that will only allow the tip of the dogs nail into the clipper.No more toe injuries for your pet.Most of us don't know how much is safe to clip.Now this clipper makes it impossible to cu..
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Model: doba_35344804
Now you can take care of your pet at home instead of paying a grooming parlor for a quick nail trim and to comb the snarls and brambels out of their fur.You can use these toolls on cats or dogs.The set comes complete with a nail trimmer, and file, a wire brush and a metal comb.This set has 4 pieces,..
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Model: doba_33945077
Cutting your pet's toenails can be a difficult job.It's hard to know how much to cut without causing injury to your pet.These nail cutters help to make a difficult job a little easier.We can't stop your pet from wiggling around to avoid getting his nails cut, but these scissors are nice and sharp an..
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Model: doba_35344805
Now you can groom your dog's toe nails right in the comfort of your own home.No need to pay expensive grooming bills when you can just do it yourself.This clipper has a special guard that prevent you from cutting too much nail.It's a great safety feature that will prevent injury to your dog's toes.T..
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Model: doba_33945967
For long haired pets, these scissors are just the thing to take care of grooming needs.You can keep your pet's hair neat and groomed, and deal with problems with matted hair that sometimes occur. 7" long stainless steel extra sharp..
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Model: doba_35344802
Now you can comb your pet's hair and trim it at the same time! no need for noisy elecrtic trimmers that scare the daylights out of your pet.This comb is quite, and very effective! just comb through your pet's hair, and trim away hair that's matted or snarled or just too thick for the season.The b..
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Stainless Steel Fetlock ShearsHeavy duty stainless steel shears to cut through course hair..
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Model: doba_33945963
Cats have a natural inclination to sharpen their claws.Unfortunately, when the cat is confined to the house it can do some real damage to your carpets, draperies, and upholstered furniture.You can help the situation by trimming the pointed tips from the claws.These scissors also work great for your ..
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