Healthy Diets for Dogs

If you want your pet to live a long and healthy life good nutrition is a must.  I never used to pay that much attention to what I fed my dogs until Cash had a bout with pancreatitis.  After an expensive stay in the doggie hospital the vet told me he would need to be on a low-fat diet for the rest of his life (less than 7% fat).  After doing a lot of research I finally settled on a certain brand of dog food which I will tell you more about soon.  As long as he remains on this food and absolutely NO people food, he hasn’t had any more serious health issues.


It is my desire to help you achieve maximum health for your pets as well, and that is why I want to share with you what I have learned, what works and what doesn’t work.

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Chicken and Rice Recipe

Recently the dog food bin was getting low and I needed to come up with something to feed my dogs until my next payday.  (Maybe you’ve been there?) So I checked in the freezer and found a 2-pound bag of chicken wings which I knew I was never going to eat.  I’m picky about chicken and only eat the white meat, no skin.  So I popped those bad boys into my slow cooker and put it on low and forgot it for the next 8 hours.  Then I let it cool until I could pick all the meat off the bones (never give your dog chicken bones, but I’m sure you know that).  While the chicken was cooking I had cooked up a batch of white rice using the 8 servings size.  Then I mixed the chicken and rice together and added a cup of chicken broth and a can of drained green beans, along with some left over cooked carrots, and voila!  A nice soft dog food that my dogs absolutely loved.



It’s never a good idea to change your dog’s diet abruptly, but to gradually transition him to a different food.  So while I still had some of their regular Science Diet dog food, I mixed it with the homemade dog food half and half in order to make it easier on their tummies as well as to stretch out their regular food to make it last longer.


Recipe Book

Homemade Dog Food:  Whenever my dog gets an upset stomach, I will switch his diet over to boiled chicken and white rice.  After a couple of days on this he is back to normal and I gradually reintroduce his regular food back into his diet.


For a treasure trove of great homemade dog food recipes, you should check out Homemade Dog Food Recipes. Not only will you receive fun healthy recipes but you will also get tips such as how to make your own homemade dog shampoo, eliminate bad doggy breath, and much more.


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