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Here I will be offering the latest articles straight from Doggy Dan himself, who has the best online dog training course I have found so far. Please come back often to see what is new.  Below is just a sampling of what is to come.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog


How to Train a Dominant Dog

Have you ever just been walking your dog down peacefully down the street when your heart is suddenly in your throat because you see another dog coming at you?  I know I have because it happened all the time with Cash, my Schnauzer.  There is something about the sight of another dog on a leash that drives him berserk. I know know that this is a sign that he is a dominant dog. Even though that other dog is on a leash, I know this could go very badly, especially if they come to close.  So I start looking for an exit strategy.  But there may be nowhere else to go that is going to get us out of the path of that oncoming dog. That’s when I know he’s going to start lunging on his leash and barking nonstop. How embarrassing, especially when that other dog owner gives me that look that seems to say “come on lady, control that crazy dog.”

Digital Camera
Cash trying to look innocent.

I’ve tried every to stop this crazy behavior and get things under control, a different harness, distracting him with treats, nothing worked. I started to give up hope.  Where did it all go wrong?  Well according to Doggy Dan the thing that so many dog owners don’t understand is that you may have been giving your dog all the wrong messages at home. If so, then it’s too late to turn things around when you are out on the street.

You see, dogs are simple animals. Yes you love them, but they are not interested in a bigger TV, a fancy car or having more stuff. Dogs are all about survival, which includes protecting their property and the pack, especially when they are outside. Yes, dogs are pack animals and they understand that there are leaders and followers. The leaders decide what is dangerous and take action to protect the pack. So you see, when you are walking your dog and he thinks he is the pack leader and a strange dog is coming your way, what is he going to do?  That’s right, protect the pack!

Any that’s when things start to go all out of whack. Because if your dog thinks he is the pack leader at home, of course he’s going to think so when he’s outdoors.

That’s where Doggy Dan comes in.

He understands how to show dogs that you are the pack leader  his website explains how you can change all that in a very simple way.  He even offers you a 3-day $1 trial to see if this is what you are looking for. And what is really impressive is that he does it in such a kind and gentle way.  How? He uses 5 Golden Rules.

Of course, all dogs are different and some dogs are just naturally more dominant than others.  But it really doesn’t matter what kind your dog is.  Here is the secret:  YOU must be the pack leader and once you have established this you will find that all the other training tricks will start to work as well.

The fact is that the training approaches you have used before are probably good ones but without the solid foundation of establishing yourself as the pack leader they simply don’t work. But you can turn it around by making yourself the pack leader. That foundation of being the pack leader has to be the first step you put in place.  Then follow these steps:

  • Food distractions: This can work with some dogs. The key is to use it as a distraction at the right moment. Do not use food after they have already lunged at an oncoming dog. Use delicious food such as bits of chicken, hot dogs or cheese, not their usual treats.
  • Take it slow: Miracles don’t happen overnight. Sometimes pushing things too fast will make things go wrong. Going slowly builds confidence.
  • Master the walk: Make sure you are in control of your dog’s walking before you meet any oncoming dogs. If you need something other than a regular collar, then by all means do so.  I use a special no-pull harness when walking Cash.
  • Stay focused on the results you want: It’s easy to lapse back into following your dog’s before but remember, you need to continue to show your dog that you are the pack leader.
  • Be ready to step in: Stay focused on your dog’s behavior and step in quickly to guide your dog away or give a gentle tube to correct him. Once you have done this, remember to relax right after.

One of the best things about this method is that it works with your dog’s natural instincts. If you want to see a video of two dogs playing at being dominant and submissive, then check out this video.  CLICK HERE.

So if you are ready to take control back from you dog and be the gentle and kind pack leader, then CLICK HERE now to start your 3-day $1 trial.