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Hey Everybody,


My name is Carol. I am a mom, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, and widow.  I have been an animal lover all my life.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Nebraska and my first best friend was an Australian shepherd named Mickey who we got as a puppy when I was two years old.  Mickey and I grew up together.  He was probably the smartest dog I ever knew.  He could herd cows like nobody’s business and he knew a ton of tricks.

Life on the Farm

Our farm was a dairy operation and we had Holstein cows.  Maybe that’s why I am partial to Holsteins to this day.  For a long time I used to collect black and white cow stuff and that’s what everybody always gave me as gifts.  I eventually outgrew that, but it was fun.  I was the oldest of four kids and when I was five years old and ready to start kindergarten my dad decided it was time I started to do some chores around the farm.  At this time we still milked by hand, so I was taught how to milk a cow and was assigned one cow that was my responsibility to milk.  I had to do the milking twice a day, before school in the morning and again every evening.  Some kids might have complained, but I loved it.  But by the time I was eight my parents switched over to electric milking machines, which made our job much easier.  My job duties switched to helping bring the cows into their stalls and washing off their teats with a disinfectant solution before my dad put the milking machines on them.


Besides a lot of cows we also had pigs and sheep and my dad raised corn, wheat and milo and baled a lot of hay.  There was always plenty of work to do, so we never had a chance to get bored.  And if we did say “I’m bored,” my folks would quickly find something for us to do so we learned to keep our mouths shut. As a kid I was always pestering my parents for a horse.  Well when I was 10 we finally got one, a beautiful little bay mare named Susie.  It was love at first sight and my dad taught me to ride her.  From then on I spent many long hours in the saddle.  I even rode Susie to the little one-room schoolhouse I attended through the eighth grade.  No it wasn’t “Little House on the Prairie” but there were still a lot of one-room schoolhouses around in those days.  I suppose that makes me sound ancient but really, I’m only 65 going on 40!



It’s too bad kids today can’t experience the freedom we had growing up on the farm.  It wasn’t all hard work, there were plenty of times when we had fun, like playing in the hay mow in the barn, especially when our cats had kittens up there. In the wintertime we had a great hill to go sledding down. But probably my favorite times of the year were summer evenings when the sun would go down and it would cool off a little bit.  Nothing was more fun than catching lightning bugs in a jar!  Now that I live in Arizona I haven’t seen a lightning bug in several years, not since the last time I went back to Nebraska to visit my family.


Dogs I’ve Loved

Anyway, I’ve had many pets over the years, cats, birds, and of course I’ve always been particularly fond of dogs.  There is no more loyal and loving companion than a good dog.  When my children were grown and out on their own, I adopted a Schnauzer puppy named Cosmo who quickly became the love of my life. But I learned that Schnauzers in particular are prone to pancreatitis.  When Cos was only 6 months old he had his first bout and ended up in the animal hospital for several days.  I soon got a crash course in proper nutrition for dogs after that.


Cosmo – 1998 – 2009

I lost Cos in a tragic accident when he was 11, but today I have two spoiled little companions who are the new loves of my life.  Chuey is a Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix and contrary to what you might think, he is not hyper but a very sweet, loving little dog.  Of course he’s spoiled rotten, he rarely leaves my side and even sleeps under the covers next to me at night.  Then there is Cash, my rescue Schnauzer who I adopted 4 years ago. When Cash came to live with us he was so scrawny and shy, he didn’t even look like a Schnauzer.  He was found as a stray by a Schnauzer rescue group, wandering the streets, bedraggled and so skinny that his ribs stuck out, but now he has blossomed into a very happy, healthy boy with a winning personality.  When I saw his photo on the rescue group’s website, I just knew he was supposed to be mine. I had to go through a lengthy application process and be a foster mom first before his adoption was finalized. The funny thing is, his adoption was finalized on January 15, 2013, exactly four years to the day after I’d lost Cosmo.  So yeah, I think it was meant to be.


My Fur Babies, Chuey and Cash

More About Me

Besides being a crazy dog mom I have many other interests including reading, writing, baking yummy stuff, trying new recipes, The Walking Dead, all things paranormal like watching ghost hunting shows (even though my daughter thinks I’m insane), and dabbling in all kinds of crafts from acrylic painting to crocheting, knitting and yes, even adult coloring books!  I even have another blog devoted to crafting, Polymer Clay Love.

My intention in creating this blog is to offer the best tips and tricks for all of our four-legged friends, ferreting out interesting tidbits about pets, as well as the best products we can offer them.  I know how much our pets mean to us and I want to help them stay as happy and healthy as they can for as long as they can.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me or leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions.  Come back often as I plan to continue to add relevant content often.

Here’s to happy and healthy pets everywhere!






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